About Us

Leo Tactical Lab is led by experienced instructors who have real-world law enforcement experience, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program. These instructors have firsthand experience with the challenges and risks involved in law enforcement, and they draw on that experience to develop training programs that are relevant, effective, and practical.

This real-world experience gives them unique insights into the needs of law enforcement professionals and the skills required to succeed in this challenging field.



In addition to their experience in law enforcement, many of the instructors at Leo Tactical Lab also have experience in other fields that are relevant to law enforcement, such as military service or martial arts training. This diverse background allows them to draw on a range of skills and techniques to help trainees develop their tactical skills and decision-making abilities.

One of the benefits of working with instructors who have real-world experience is that they can provide trainees with insights into how to handle situations that may not be covered in traditional training programs. They can share stories and lessons learned from their own experiences, and provide practical advice and guidance to help trainees navigate complex and challenging situations.



Overall, the experience of the instructors at Leo Tactical Lab is one of the program's strengths. Their real-world experience in law enforcement and related fields allows them to develop training programs that are effective, practical, and relevant to the needs of law enforcement professionals.